Replicating in Research Paper

When I should eventually I write that paper I mean this is something which maybe doesn’t hold that much for the report that you write because you’re kind of forced to write a report but you should always kind of have that in mind or question sort of start writing down what I did the first thing is is the results or the impact that my work is likely to obtain of the results that I obtained novel so if you just replicate something what someone else already did this can still be of value by saying that you replicate someone else results so you kind of prove that these results are fine if 20 people have done that already before. Discover great articles on essay writing and researches onĀ Edusson.

This may not be the biggest contribution on earth and so there’s some aspect of novelty in there if you read a report at least it’s kind of novel for you you may not be aware that this was a solution to a problem that you investigate it so this kind of novel to the scientific community doesn’t hold really for the reports but this will for example hold for your master thesis so if you go for a math or thesis sometimes it’s also ready for bachelor thesis is kind of often somewhat borderline how much really novel with the bachelors thesis is but if you do math with you this in most of the cases you have to specify what is new in here so it’s not sufficient to just replicate results at least if you want to give a very good you want to have a very good grade slightly ready to that is how much related work did you actually look into so related work is kind of scientific works that are already out there which are which address a related problem so it’s if someone else who solved that problem already something we haven’t discussed in the reports but in the reports at least in photogrammetry to I’m going to expect that you’ll also do some studies on what is out there in terms of related work.

That means searching to believe today why are they why are Google or any other search engine or Google Scholar but can also divide the library see what’s out there who addressed a very similar problem and describe what makes your approach different compared to the broader that approaches which are out there already so you need to document and specify how you’re advancing the state of the art relating your work to existing methods this was a given key element of a scientific document something we haven’t addressed yet but there’s something that will come and the photogrammetry to course when we do the reports there and then the next thing is unless you provided a nice mathematical proof of something for an existing problem it just doesn’t happen that often you typically have to show with experiments that the idea that you presented in your work is actually birth.