Daily Archives: April 30, 2018

A Dialogue With Yourself

So you want to know that you’ve had as much life experience as possible that you’re as mature as possible as thoughtful and I’m not saying there isn’t a super thoughtful ninth grader my nephew was thoughtful at the age of four he was philosophical I mean there’s no limit for that I just think it works it’s only in your favor if your own however insightful and interesting you are if you only are going to become more so and also your skills as a writer quite frankly are only going to improve so you can start thinking about them at the end of 11th grade this summer is the perfect time to start writing them I just think before 11th grade to think about what your essay is going to be is for it to your disadvantage okay.

No experience is few more questions yet my go ahead we’ll get in a couple more questions okay so as we’re ER we’ll give up some tips on things for me for writing out of essays XO to solve it for me and sorry you’re eating your pizza so Debbie are brainstorming how do you kind of think about that how do we start to like what do we do some some people ask what does it even mean to brainstorm how do we start thinking about generating ideas okay so as I said I put just a handful of questions and then few you know minor keywords and you have the six questions what I would say is let’s say you ask yourself what do I feel most passionate about you sit in with I’m sorry I’m old school I love paper and pen but you sit at your computer or with a piece of paper and pen and you don’t judge you don’t try to write something logical you don’t come up with the first line you literally write the first thing that comes to mind you may not even know what that is until you write it and then you elaborate and you see how long you can write then start asking yourself questions.

It becomes a dialogue with yourself or you know what experiences or what moments have been most meaningful to you and why what do you value or take one of the common app questions that appeals to you and use that as a starting point and see what comes out but brainstorming literally means you write down ideas in no particular order they don’t have to be full sentences they can be words if you’re creative it could be a picture if your mathematical who knows you know could be a math equation that comes up like it can it’s literally just about putting something that’s inside on the computer on a piece of paper that’s brainstorming no judgment no order peered ration okay maybe not 24 today toc1 you are on the air now is voyage the way so my question is the dynamic web traffic.