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Supporting Sentences in Paragraph

We will supporting sentences it’s a good this is a good topic three reasons to study a language abroad definitely a lot to to discuss and you could put the three reasons in the top in the in the paragraph but it’s not a good topic sentence because it’s incomplete alright he is incomplete and I think it’s incomplete because there’s no there’s no verb there right it’s missing a verb three reasons to study a language abroad good topic but there’s no verb in every sentence needs a verb in order to be complete so we’re going to have to fix that one up all right and we’ve got a few more no answers here but that’s that’s okay we’ll just go over them quickly F a difficult experience while traveling taught me the importance of family now in this case this is a good topic sentence.

It’s good because it has a clear topic difficult experience there’s your topic there and then taught me the importance of family that’s an idea that you can explore and I know by reading that sentence that you’re going to be telling me a story a narrative therefore it’s a it’s a good sin it’s a good topic sentence any answers for G nothing for G okay technology is changing so fast in this case I would say ooh too broad because technology is changing so fast I mean it is true but it’s still such a broad question topic that you really wouldn’t be able to write very well about that in one paragraph there’s so much technology out there and changing so fast is is is just not specific enough okay so you want to narrow that down a little bit H my daughter was born in the summer of 2010 all right.

I think we don’t have any answers coming in for that one so I’ll give it to you I would say that that is too narrow okay it’s a it’s a fact my daughter was born in the summer of 2010 it’s kind of like you have to ask so what right tell me something about the experience or what else can you write about in the paragraph there’s really nothing to to say there okay what about I I would like to discuss how poverty affects education okay and again Justin Davis he’s Justin Davis who’s really good at a that’s identifying when you’re announcing the topic because you were right again Justin thanks for that I you’re correct that I would like to discuss is really not appropriate for academic writing so you would have to change that okay and I see we’ve got one here coming in from Claudie I think that one came in just a little bit too late I’m just going to take that one out because we’ve discussed that h’s is – now there’s I know there’s a bit of a time delay here how about Jay the last one in some ways friends can be more important than family now I’m going to give you the answer for this one I think this one’s good okay.